Are you Vegan?⁣ 

Health Heroes! ??‍♀️

Are you Vegan?⁣ ?

I get asked this question a lot. And although I enjoy great vegan food and don’t really consume meat, my answer is “plant based”.⁣

While 90% of what I eat is Vegan, I don’t consider myself Vegan. I still consume eggs from time to time and on rare occasion may have some seafood from time to time.⁣ ?????? ????

So, Why plant based? ⁣?

The Harvard Professional follow up study and Harvard Nurses’ Health study looking at lifespan and diet both linked red meat consumption to a remarkable shorter life span, which included increased cancer mortality, heart disease mortality and overall mortality. ⁣?

If you don’t know about this already there are tons of documentaries out there!
?Fed up
?What the Health
?Fork Over Knifes
?Game Changers

Do your research. ?

Discover the truth. ??

Then, make a conscious decision on what is right for you! ??‍♀️??‍♂️

~Coach Wolf


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