In 2011 our founder Tm James learned how to heal his gut issues by detoxing and eating healthier and creating new lifestyle habits. For the last decade Tim and his super healthy coaching staff have coached hundreds of people just like you privately one-on-one to transform themselves.

If you want someone to take you by the hand and take all the confusion away so you can get the results you desire in the fastest time possible then this is the program for you!


  • Accountability so you can stay on track with your health goals which means no more “falling off the wagon” and having to start over all the time.
  • 12 One Hour Coaching Calls. Every two weeks we will reconnect, assess progress and challenges, then make a short list of action items that will produce the most results.
  • Email and Text access for questions to keep you moving forward quickly so you can not feel stuck which means achieving your goals faster!
  • Lifetime Access to Weekly Private Group Coaching with our founder Tim James ($197 monthly value) for just $37 month. LIVE Q&A calls every Wednesday with Coach Tim so you can get your questions answered quickly to keep you moving forward which means progress and progress equals happiness!
  • Customized, Easy, Healthy and Delicious Meal Plans so you can learn how to eat healthier which means better health, less prep time and a lower grocery bill.
  • Access to all of our guides, e-books, class notes and cheat sheets ($2500+ value) so you can download and save all proven lifestyle tactics which means you will never forget the information and can implement them on your schedule.
  • Your Coach will become a friend and advocate for you! You will build a solid relationship with your coach and they will support you through the transformational journey physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • A Community. Connect with other like-minded people which means you won’t feel isolated and will have others that you can relate to that also want to be healthy!

***Due to the time intensive nature of this type of coaching openings are extremely limited and its first come first serve.***



Coach -Speaker - Author - Raw/Living Food Chef -Supplement Authority - Yoga & Progha Instructor - Learning Guitar


"I used to be a mess... and now, not so much. Always a work in progress. Haha! One of my highest excitements is teaching people to put themselves first and we start with detoxing; the gut, the blood, fat & muscle tissue, emotional baggage and the environment our body comes into contact with. BY taking consistent baby steps in a positive direction and not comparing ourselves to anyone else has been and always will be the least path of resistance for positive change. The Universal Law 'What you put out... is what you get back' is a simple reminder that our life is up to us. Change Yourself... Change Your World!"



Coach - Certified Personal Trainer - Life Enricher -Speaker - Progha Instructor -Writer - Trailbrazer

"My passion for coaching comes from a deep seeded place of love for self and other. My goal isn’t to just give you a eating plan and see how you take to it. My goal is to re-connect or connect you with your inherent love for true nourishment by finding what feels right for you. My approach towards a healthy diet is to focus on “How” you eat, rather then obsessing over “What” you eat as we dive deep into your relationship with food and how it does or doesn’t serve you. Through my own personal journey I’ve learned that it’s not about being perfect but instead, it’s about understanding and embracing all the aspect of humanness!"


~Lynn Wiltshire~

Coach - Speaker - Cancer Thriver - Dance Instructor

“Change is inevitable; transformation is a choice! I know you are resourceful and resilient, capable of creating and accomplishing much more than you probably are. I also realize that there are times when we all may experience temporary setbacks and discouragement. I love the challenge of empowering others to take responsibility for the life and business they desire. Through awareness, education and actions steps, we get clear, get focused, and integrate systems that produce extraordinary results. It’s time to think bigger… let me coach and inspire you to live your highest and your best!"

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