Do you view everything that you consume or purchase as a vote for what you support?

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Do you view everything that you consume or purchase as a vote for what you support?


This has been my motto this past year, and just repeating this simple statement and keeping it in the back of my mind at all times has completely transformed the way that I show up and participate in the world. 


If you eat meat from fast food restaurants, you support animal abuse. 


If you purchase clothing from corporate retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, Mall Shops, ect. you support slavery. 


If you purchase toxic chemicals, you support the destruction of Mother Earth. 


If you buy all of your stuff on amazon to save $5 here and there and out of “convenience” you support family run businesses losing their livelihood. 


If you vote without FULLY understanding who you are voting for, you support being a moron.


I know this sounds harsh, but sadly, it’s true.  


I didn’t want to believe it at first.. 


With most people there is always a little bit of resistance to truth. It’s taken years of doing my own research to fully understand these things and to make steps towards becoming more conscious about all these things that I’ve mindlessly participated in before. 


Now, I try to be aware of every single thing that comes into my life… 


Because deep down I KNOW that everything that I consume and purchase is a vote for what I support.


What’s one thing in your life that you would like to buy more consciously with the knowledge that you are supporting something positive in the world?


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