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Our life-changing "Energy & Detox" Bundle will help you
Boost your Energy and Rebuild your Gut to take your Health and Fitness to next level

The Energy & Detox Bundle



  • Increase Energy and Focus with ultra concentrated Super Veggie Juice
  • Gentle daily detox for your gut and entire system, 
  • Lose weight and regulate digestion, no more bloating, constipation or diarrhea 
  • Rebuild your gut, Get your life back!
  • vegan, keto, paleo friendly. Great for athletes

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"This stuff is what is saving me right now, and it's keeping me going, so imagine what it can do for you on your regular 9-5" ​-Pat Miletich, ​former UFC Champion & Hall of Famer

All-In-One Veggie Superfood Juice + Gentle Detox Herbs + Rebuilding Probiotics

Take Your Health & Fitness to the Next Level FAST & EASY in just 2 minutes a day with the "ENERGY & DETOX" bundle

Not getting enough veggies? Green 85 all-in-one concentrated juice formula contains over 23 organic veggie extracts, the perfect balance of vitamins and mineral that your body will love, also contains enzymes and probiotics fundamental for nutrient absorption and strong immune system

The perfect adaptogenic herb blends for gentle daily detox: Forget about bloating, constipation, diarrhea and everything in between, Gut Cleanse Plus is the fast way to clockwork digestion and weight loss. Critical Cleanse will detoxify your entire system, tissue, skin etc. from toxic chemicals, heavy metals, radiation with a special Zeolite & Herbal Blend safe and gentle for long term use.

Rebuilding your gut it’s like having your life back! you don’t have to live next to the bathroom, regulate bowel movements, enhance nutrient absorption, jumpstart weight loss and strengthen your immune system with our life-saving Probiotics + Prebiotics (food for probiotics so they can multiply and establish an ongoing presence in your gut)

Benefits Of The Energy & Detox Bundle:

Feel like a kid again! the most convenient way to get vitamins and minerals which are crucial for energy and overall wellbeing. Green 85 all-in-one Veggie Juice is loaded with  23 concentrated extracts rich in minerals like: Moringa Leaf & Dulse (sea algae)  

Green 85, Gut Clean Plus & Critical Cleanse contain powerful detox superfoods like Wheatgrass and Chlorella, zeolite, herbs and fruits to detoxify the blood, remove heavy metals effectively eliminate waste , no bloating or cramping

The best & fastest way to weight loss is by regulating and rebuilding your Gut with Probiotics + Prebiotics for clockwork digestion & elimination. Forget about bloating, constipation, diarrhea and improve your immune system

Dr. Scott Treadway, chemist & master herbalist cares about proper nutrition to maintain a healthy body and mind, he has perfected formulations of plants & herbs worldwide used for millennia for effective & safe daily use to get the results you want.

In 3 WEEKS! This is what the chemical free body Green Juice did for me, it took my fitness to the next level! honestly, have been nothing shorter than life changing!”– David Arce, Owner of Crossfit Brownville, TX

The Energy & Detox Bundle

the results!

Boost Energy, Lose Weight, Transform your Gut Health and take Your Fitness to the Next Level! Whatever your desired results are, we got your back!  Nourishing Your Body and Daily Detoxing with quality, ultra concentrated ingredients are key to take control of your health and fitness. When your body is clean & nourished, you won’t feel hungry all the time, you feel light, leaner, and your energy and mental clarity increases! Yes it’s that simple and only takes 2 minutes a day!

“I’m down 47 pounds, I’m off all medications and I feel amazing!” – Robin B. (Business Owner

“I lost 15 lbs and got my energy back for the gym!”   -Rebecca W.  (Personal Trainer)

“I dropped 38 pounds, my eczema is gone and I feel like I’m 18 again!” – Tim J.  (Founder

The Energy and Detox bundle is perfect for you:

If you are not getting enough veggies in your diet
If you want to clean up gently, feel light everyday and loose the extra weight
If you are want more energy and feel 18 again

If you want to rebuild your digestive system to get your life back!

If there is something we missed or you just need a little more information, please call us at: 888-368-9898 or email us at: SUPPORT@CHEMICALFREEBODY.COM

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