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THe "Total energy & Detox bundle"
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Total Energy Detox Bundle weight loss boost immune system


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Not getting enough veggies? Green 85 all-in-one concentrated juice formula contains over 23 organic veggie extracts, the perfect balance of vitamins and mineral that your body will love, also contains enzymes and probiotics fundamental for nutrient absorption and strong immune system

GUT DETOX is foundational to maintaining a healthy gut in today’s toxic world. This traditional herbal formula of 3 raw fruits (With no sugar) is used for body balancing, rejuvenation, and specifically for general digestive health. Take more initially as a 15 day cleanse, then less for daily maintenance to ensure your digestive tract is clean, healthy, and ready for maximum absorption of nutrients. Nobody eats perfect and toxins are everywhere…Give your gut a little love! 🙂

Why do we need to detox daily? Toxic chemicals and heavy metals have polluted our eco-system contributing to the major rise in public health issues. Since 2005 scientists have found over 250 toxic cancer causing and brain disrupting chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of newborns and the older we are the more time for those toxins to accumulate in the body. This 100% naturally occurring formula is made with special, heavy metal free Zeolites and a powerful Herbal Blend which can support your body’s natural elimination of toxic Chemicals, Heavy Metals, Radiation, Synthetic Estrogens and Free-Radicals. Toxin Detox is THE POLLUTION SOLUTION! This is your daily defense against the microscopic bad guys!

Probiotic Spores are the future of probiotics. Their ability to survive stomach acid unlike traditional probiotics makes them the hands down choice for digestive support and building immunity in our modern polluted world. We also added Prebiotics to this formula which is the food for the probiotics (bacteria) so they can grow strong even if your on the ‘all cooked” diet. Our gut microbiome is a huge component of our immune system and our gut is connected to our brain. Take good care of your gut and your more likely to have better mental clarity and retain a good memory.

Do you have trouble digesting & Eliminating? How about bloating, cramping and gas? Do you have heartburn and acid indigestion? If you are like most people the answer is yes to at least one of those questions. Digestive Enzymes are proteins that can help us to liquify our food and slowly rehabilitate a poor digestive system. Chewing your food until liquid is foundational to Ideal Health. Take these with your meals and experience for yourself what a difference they make. OH! and we believe digestive enzymes are also one of the best kept secrets for anti-aging on the market!





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"This stuff is what is saving me right now, and it's keeping me going, so imagine what it can do for you on your regular 9-5"

-Pat Miletich, ​former UFC Champion & Hall of Famer

Use The Discount Code:
At Checkout & Save Additional 5%

On Your First Order!


Feel like a kid again! GREEN 85 & ULTRA ENZYMES are the most convenient way to get vitamins and minerals which are crucial for energy and overall wellbeing. Green 85 all-in-one Veggie Juice is loaded with  23 concentrated extracts rich in minerals like: Moringa Leaf & Dulse (sea algae)  

The best & fastest way to weight loss is by cleaning, regulating and rebuilding your Gut with GUT DETOX GREEN 85 & PROBIOTICS/ PREBIOTICS for clockwork digestion & elimination. Forget about bloating, constipation, diarrhea and improve your immune system.

GREEN 85, GUT DETOX & TOXIN DETOX contain powerful detoxers like Wheatgrass, Chlorella & Moringa to detoxify the blood, Zeolites to remove heavy metals & eliminate waste , no bloating or cramping.

Dr. Scott Treadway, Master Herbalist cares about proper nutrition to maintain a healthy body and mind. He has perfected formulations of plants & herbs worldwide used for millennia for effective & safe daily use to get the results you want.

the results!

Boost Energy, Lose Weight, Transform your Gut Health and take Your Fitness to the Next Level! Whatever your desired results are, we got your back!  Nourishing Your Body and Daily Detoxing with quality, ultra concentrated ingredients are key to take control of your health and fitness. When your body is clean & nourished, you won’t feel hungry all the time, you feel light, leaner, and your energy and mental clarity increases! Yes it’s that simple and only takes 5 minutes a day!

“I’m down 47 pounds, I’m off all medications and I feel amazing!” – Robin B. (Business Owner)

“I lost 15 lbs and got my energy back for the gym!”   -Rebecca W.  (Personal Trainer)

“I dropped 42 pounds, my eczema is gone and I feel like I’m 18 again!” – Tim J.  (Founder ChemicalFreeBody.com)

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Total Energy Detox Bundle weight loss boost immune system

Get Now For Just $403.70 $323.73

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