Pain Can Hurt You or it Can Humble You

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Pain can hurt you, or it can humble you. 

Pain has the ability to bring out the worst in you, all the anger, resentment, hate, it can be the ultimate outlet for everything you’ve been bottling up for you years. 

It can make you short tempered, snappy and not pleasant to be around. 

It can literally make you despise the whole world and everything and everyone in it. 

This type of response to pain comes from an unconscious space. 


Pain can humble you. 

It can open your eyes to just how fragile this existence really is. 

It can be the ultimate reminder and wake up call. 

It can anchor you in this moment and leave you so appreciative and grateful for everyone and everything in your  life.  

This type of clear seeing comes from a conscious space. 

Ultimately, The Choice Is Yours.

~Coach Rebecca Wolf


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