"Amazing product to promote digestive health."

Robin B



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Introducing the Energy and Detox Bundle. A bundle of Green 85, toxin detox, gut detox, and the probiotic prebiotic formula with all these products combined, we created the Energy and Detox Bundle. Its proven, science-based combination of naturally occurring cofactors is powerful enough to fuel every cell in your body so you feel and look like a superstar. Formulated with all-natural ingredients, every formula is safe, non-toxic, and contains no stimulants, fillers, soy, or sugars.

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4 reviews for ENERGY & DETOX BUNDLE

  1. robinb (verified owner)

    Amazing product to promote digestive health.

  2. Eddie

    Hello. I heard your CEO Tim James on the conspiracy farm podcast. What do you recommend for rumethoid arthritis? I been on steroids for over five years. I would like to take control of my body and get off these meds.

    Thank you,


  3. Tom Weinberger (verified owner)

    I was having nausea spells everyday at the same time for about 4 years. About the 3rd week on all the products in this bundle I’ve noticed it has stopped happening

  4. Michael Seigler (verified owner)

    I have been meaning to leave a review on this page for quite some time. I’ve been taking chemical free body products consistently since hearing Tim James speak on the TFH podcast (Ep 307 Toxic Food). Impressed by the way he handled himself, his energy, and the way he talked about health so passionately, I decided to give his products a try. I’m 27, I was in pretty good shape but had terrible eating habits. My father is 69, in good shape for his age and active, but has terrible eating habits. A week after starting this pack (and not even using the full servings) I could notice a profound difference in the bloating of my stomach. After a month, I curbed bad sugar and breakfast habits, had an extremely flat stomach, had more energy throughout my day, and was feeling clearer mentally. My father was experiencing similar results AND he was able to fix digestion and acid reflux problems. (No more omeprazole). He didn’t change anything he ate but incorporated the probiotics and detox supplements into his daily routine, remembering to drink his greens every so often when I would rag on him. TLDR: This shit works, and it works great at all ages. Listen to Tim’s tips and tricks for digestion, take some of his products, and maybe even clean up your lifestyle outside of this. You will not regret it!

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