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Did you know that roughly 85% of ALL the nutrients our body requires have been farmed out of the soil our food is grown in… even organic? Most people are literally living on 15% fuel! Can you imagine how your going to feel when you replace the 85% of nutrients missing and finally your cells are operating on 100%? Its a game changer! In just seconds a day this ultra concentrated Plant-Based powerhouse makes Transforming your health simple and convenient! 

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  • Take first thing in the morning on empty stomach and again in the late afternoon at least 30 minutes before dinner.
  • Mix one level scoop in 12-24 ounces of purified water by stirring with a spoon or shaking in a mason jar.
  • You can also add to a smoothie or shake.
  • For a complete “Meal Replacement” mix with 10-16 ounces of nut or seed milk.
  • To enhance flavor or help with taste issues add lemon or lime juice or mix with unsweetened cranberry juice.



Replacing critical nutrients farmed out of our soil

#1 & #3 Concentrated Grass Juices Blend

(Wheat & Oat) Grasses, the first land based organisms, possess a complete matrix of proteins (in amino-acid form) to build a strong muscular body. They are also rich in Chlorophyll which is very similar to the structure of our own blood. Grasses can neutralize toxins and detoxify us while rejuvenating us on a cellular level.


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#2 Spirulina

Amazing source of predigested and complete proteins that regulates blood sugar.  Spirulina is also high in iron and calcium. It’s great for women during PMS or anyone with inflammation due to its gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. 


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#4 Chlorella

Chlorella is a green algae and is one of the highest sources of predigested and complete proteins. Rich in Vitamins B, C, and E with an array of peptides and polysaccharides. Reduces food cravings and helps to remove heavy metals from the body like mercury. 


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#5 Raspberry Extract (flavor)

Cold Pressed raspberry extract loaded with antioxidants to protect us from free-radical damage and absolutely delicious! 


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#6 Wheat Sprout

Wheat sprouts are a rare source of a special compound known as Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), which helps the body to repair itself quickly, slow down the aging process and reduce inflammation. Its also high in folic acid which is great for heart health, brain function, antidepressant activity, and a great detoxifier!


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#7 Dulse

Dulse may be best known for its high iodine content to improve thyroid function but has also been clinically proven to possess free radical scavenging activity, making dulse a useful antioxidant. The seaweed has also been demonstrated to inhibit the growth of fat cells in the laboratory. Utilizing dulse may help to repair compromised body tissues.


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#8 Dandelion

It is one of the top 6 herbs in the Chinese herbal medicinal tradition and is rich in fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and the B vitamins, thiamine and riboflavin, and is a good source of protein. Assists in weight reduction, cleansing the skin and eliminating acne. Purifies blood, cleanses our system, and otherwise improves gastro-intestinal health. Prevents or lowers high blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, and balances blood sugars.


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Concentrated  Veggie Juice Blend:

#9 Parsley, #10 Tomato, #11 Carrot, #12 Broccoli, #13 Cabbage, #14 Spinach, #15 Green Bell Pepper, #16 Beet Root, #18 Celery, #19 Sweet Potato, #20 Kale 

 A blend of concentrated juices which contain phytonutrients that bulletproof your immune system. A great way to get your servings of veggies that is quick and convenient.


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#17 Broccoli Sprout

In 1992 researchers at Johns Hopkins doubled broccoli sales overnight when they discovered a phytonutrient called sulforaphane greatly increased the body’s ability to ward off cancer.


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#21 Moringa

Nicknamed worldwide as “The Miracle Tree”, the leaves are nature’s Multi-Vitamin. This is a food plant with powerful antioxidants and multiple health uses along with the ability to suppress appetite and promote weight loss.


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#22 Acai Berry

Pronounced as “ah-sigh-ee”, acai is a reddish-purple berry that grows on the acai palm tree mostly found in Central and South America. The Acai Berry has been consumed by humans for thousands of years. Regular consumption prevents oxidative damage in our body, thus protecting us on a cellular level and keeping us looking young!


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#23 Monk Fruit: 

Monk fruit is an awesome sweetener! It is 170 times sweeter than sugar with no downside. It helps to regulate blood sugar, which is great for diabetics or pre-diabetics. Also helps reduce food cravings and has no weird aftertaste. Yum! 


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#24 Soil-Based Probiotics (Bacillus coagulans):

Probiotics are the good bacteria in our gut that comprises what should be about three pounds of our immune system. Probiotics help to establish that good bacteria so we can have ideal bowel movements, improved cognitive function, and a stronger constitution. A must in our toxic and high stressed world!


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#25 Digestive Enzymes

 Digestive Enzymes assist the breakdown of food molecules while improving digestion and bowel movements. Neutralizes indigestion with no side bad effects. Digestive Enzymes also carry electric frequency to our cells that literally charges up our battery (our cells) with energy while fighting off free-radical damage keeping us looking young and feeling great. 


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#26 Vitamin D3

Green 85 contains naturally occurring, non-synthetic Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol).  Most Americans are over 40% deficient in Vitamin  and most people in the world are also deficient.  Vitamin D is important for regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and for facilitating normal immune system function. Getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D is important for normal growth and development of bones and teeth, as well as improved resistance against certain diseases.


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45 reviews for GREEN 85 JUICE FORMULA WITH D3

  1. maryperrypotter14 (verified owner)

    I put the Green 85 in my smoothies everyday to get all of the nutrients my body needs for the day and keep it simple. It gives me a lot of energy and I like the taste which is hard to find good tasting green powders that are highly concentrated. I highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to get their veggies and improve their health. GreAt Product!

  2. birdsflyhigher (verified owner)

    Love the Green85! It’s my Fave! It does work great . Haven’t been getting many colds and gives me more natrual energy! A lot easier than juicing!!! And tastes good too! Thanks Tim

  3. cgoodan27 (verified owner)

    Amazing product! Just a convenient way to gain energy and help me not eat so much. I have lost 20lbs and kept it off and with my crazy work schedule it really works! I recommend this product to my friends family and clients… Thank you!

  4. israeldegyves (verified owner)

    This is a great substitute for getting my veggies and gives me a great kickstart to my morning! When I don’t take it I feel groggy and it takes hours to wake up and function at work. I am now working on taking it twice per day and that makes a huge difference to not overeat at dinner and have 100% energy all day.

  5. dpink (verified owner)

    I started taking GREEN 85 three years ago to improve my overall health and to gain nutrients that I have not had in my daily diet. The primary result is that I have not had a need to overeat and I no longer have my midday blood sugar crashes. I lost 15lbs and have kept it off over the last three years. It also gives me better energy and I dont get colds and flus anymore. Love the product but even more I love the inspiration I get from watching Tim’s (the founder) videos.

  6. cfreeman89 (verified owner)

    Use this product everyday since I have started I have noticed increased energy, better sleep and better focus at work!

  7. mjdukart (verified owner)

    THe first month I took the greens I had more energy and just felt better overall. I also noticed my a better attitude and don’t get sick hardly at all anymore. I used to get sick 4-5 times a year and that has been one of the best benefits. The greens also give me more energy at the end of day after work which is great because then I have energy for my kids. Love this stuff!

  8. Brooke DeYoung

    This product helps me feel balanced! I feel a good sense of overall energy ( not jittery) when I drink this. I am also less hungry and don’t crave sweets or salty/crunchy foods. I know that it is full of high quality nutrition, because I am completely satiated after drinking it with no ups and downs in energy. I highly recommend it. I am very picky about what I put into my body and this exceeds my expectations.

  9. Ruth Scruggs

    This is really the biggest thing i have found that has helped me in the last two… years my blood pressure is on the low side of normal now along with my A1C for my Type 2 diabetes. My doctor is very happy about that. Don’t hesitate to start using it right now… there is no reason to wait!

  10. rick

    I am a busy business owner, dad and husband approaching 50 who has neglected his health for years and found eating healthy to be time consuming and difficult. With Chemical Free Body GREEN 85 Juice I am able to get my nutrition that my body needs in less than 2 minutes per day… Great Product…A simple & efficient way to get healthy!

  11. johntaylor (verified owner)

    I take it everyday for the long term health benefits. Since taking it not only does my hair, skin and body feel better I also get lots of compliments on all of them. That makes me feel good about myself and I know that I am going to have a better quality of life as I get older compared to the path I was on before. Thanks for making such a awesome product!

  12. mossmac (verified owner)

    I was feeling brain fog and fatigue and overall out of balance and after taking Gut Cleanse Plus and Green 85 it significantly improve things for me. I intend to continue to use regularly.

  13. johnnym1978 (verified owner)

    My brother takes these products and feels amazing so I decided to try them. I’m 59 years old and I ate a lot of crappy food. I had no energy and was bloated all the time and just didn’t feel good. After taking this Green 85 I wasn’t as hungry anymore so I stopped eating the junk foods. I started feeling so good I started training for a marathon and I sleep a lot better! All my pain and inflammation also went away. These are the most powerful greens I have ever tried. Great product!!!!!

  14. kathyrose7

    I don’t have time to juice so I like that GREEN 85 has 25 superfoods and most of the ingredients are sprouted and the ingredients are raw and concentrated. I also like it because it has probiotics and enzymes in it. This has been a great replacement for the multi vitamin I was taking. Thank you for making great products!

  15. robinb (verified owner)

    I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and decide to get healthy. I have been taking the greens to replace making fresh juice. Along with changing my diet to mostly plant-based and doing all of the other Chemical Free Body detox products and the CBD’s I have lost 55lbs, I feel great, my skin looks great. I love it!

  16. yankee_cowgirl_1

    I purchased GREEN 85 to get more healthy and have a healthier body and a cleaner system. Since taking the greens it has increased my energy and I have been able to start working for the first time and doing yoga. It has also put us in the right direction to eat better and I have been losing weight!

  17. fussyfrany

    I started the Ultimate Cleanse to help with the symptoms of Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, and to help with weight loss. I also used the digestive enzymes.

    When I started all the products I wasn’t sure if I felt any different until I ran out of my Green 85 and I noticed a huge difference. I couldn’t wait to catch up on my doses.

    I will not go another day without my Greens. It is so easy to use this product every morning and it has numerous benefits. Knowing first hand how these products can help on a daily basis, it makes it easy to share with coworkers and family members.

    I thank my daughter Kristina for starting me on this journey. My Green Guru is my health coach (Tim James) and I appreciate everything he does for me and my entire family. He is so helpful and his knowledge is mind blowing.

  18. ginny_conway (verified owner)

    I heard about the greens from a co-worker and I decided to take them because he was feeling so good on them. I was feeling like crap and my feet and hands were killing me from neuropathy from my diabetes. Since taking the these greens almost immediately the pain in my feet and hands went away. Also the arthritis in my hands, neck and back went down. My headaches got better and my body was able to relax and feel better. I would definitely recommend these greens to anyone looking for more energy and that are dealing with pain like I used to have.

  19. sgreen5590 (verified owner)

    These are the first greens I can take on an empty stomach and feel great. Pure clean products without any after taste. Wonderful way to start my day.

  20. teidecker (verified owner)

    I wasn’t eating a lot of vegetables and a friend recommend Green 85 so I tried and it made me feel more energy and better overall. Jus a better sense of well being.

  21. jaw (verified owner)

    I’m a retired Dentist who researches and samples many nutritional products, and I have been taking Green 85 for 4 years. I am very active physically and this product keeps my energy and performance levels high.The best all-around supplement I’ve ever tried!

  22. Stephanie

    I’m in love with these greens! I have Hashimotos Thyroid disease and I gave birth to my last baby at 40. I was feeling exhausted, drained and just blah. My body was lacking essential nutrients to function on a daily basis. I started taking the greens about 8 months post pregnancy and they have been a life saver for me! I felt more energy the first day! My cravings went away and I dropped my excess baby weight within weeks of starting them. My digestion has improved greatly and I feel that they have helped with my hormones post pregnancy. This is truly the BEST all in one product out there for optimum nutrition and gentle daily detox. My body has been craving this for so long.
    Thank you so much Tim and Chemical Free Body for such an amazing product!

  23. stephen.sulack (verified owner)

    I’m a US Army soldier and I was looking for a way to better improve my physical and mental performance in a natural way that wouldn’t have any negative side effects. Green 85 has done that for me. I use it as a breakfast after my morning workouts. It keeps me alert and feeling good till lunch. I’m losing weight and not feeling like I’m starving all day. My favorite part of Green 85 is I know it’s all natural and I don’t have to worry about something that could hurt my body in the long run. After I purchased Green 85 Tim called me the next day and gave me some more healthy pointers that could benefit my health. It nice to see someone that stands behind their products and wants to help everyone improve their lives.

  24. gabedemaria

    I have only been taking the greens for a couple of weeks now. I began using this product for cleansing and weight loss and so far it’s been wonderful! I have noticed more energy and I’m using the bathroom less at night. I love the way it tastes as well!

  25. kathye (verified owner)

    I started drinking the green 85 juice once a day and taking the digestive enzymes and my energy levels have definitely increased! I’m now taking the greens twice a day and I am using all of the Chemical Free Body products. I have had some major health issues in my life and these products have definitely given me a boost! I feel great!

  26. BRIAN VERMILLION (verified owner)

    Chemical Free Body is an awesome company with quality products that I feel comfortable taking! It’s nice to know that I’m putting organic, plant based nutrients back into my body and the results have me feeling amazing! Best decision I’ve made for my body. I love these Greens!

  27. lindseygraham7@gmail.com (verified owner)

    I’ve never had a “natural” cleansing routine. Since starting my Green 85 cleanse routine, I’ve noticed less bloating, a regular system and a positive sense of being. Feeling cleaner, less heavy, and more healthy!

  28. wmkohl (verified owner)

    I am a 61 year old vietnam veteran and retired from medical labratory engineer and I had stomach problems, acid reflux, skin issues and was tired all the time. I started taking Green 85 as reccomend by my friend and my energy level went up, acid reflux is gone, stomach issues are going away and I am regular. Great products!

  29. kelburn.k (verified owner)

    I’m just turning 40 years old and I was looking for an easy way to get more energy and fix some bowel issues and increase my overall health. I heard about Green 85 on a Podcast and decided to try it. I have way more now and am more regular which is a BIG deal for me. I have tried lots of other green juice products and this is by far the best one and its super easy to take. Try it out!

  30. Marlene James (verified owner)

    I’m 79 years old and had low energy. My son shared the Greens with me and I take it at least once per day and working on taking it twice per day. I have a lot more energy and was able to stop drinking coffee in the morning because I dont need it anymore. The taste took a little getting used to and its fine now. I just squeeze a little lemon juice with it. I can get a lot more accomplished now and have the energy to take care of my husbands medical issues on top of my regular schedule. Thank you!

  31. spookytbone (verified owner)

    I am a long truck driver and I was struggling with my weight and low energy levels. I dont have access to high quality food on the road and I wanted to have a healthier body. I started taking Green 85 and some of the other detox products and now i have lost a couple punds and my energy levels especially in the morning are great! I am also eating less food less hunger craving which is great too!

  32. Bonnie

    AWESOME LOVE THE GREEN85. I started taking it to get healthy, which I’m alot healthier. Also, i didn’t even realize I lost over 20 pounds, without trying not even trying!
    I looked At my legs one day i thought they looked a little thinner, then I got weighed, and thought the scale was wrong! I repeat was not going for the weight loss, the product works, I’m way healthier and go for the healthier foods way more ,Vegan also, for years so this fit right in,Don’t like to juice so GREEN85, is the answer woohoo thanks Tim GREAT PRODUCTS

  33. mwroiger (verified owner)

    I’m a big fan of Green85. I started my journey 9 mos ago after stepping on a scale and seeing 230 lbs. I listened to this Tim James dude on the Conspiracy Farm podcast and gave it a whirl with the initial detox protocol. Since then, I’ve lost 38 lbs and am enjoying life under 200 lbs for the first time in decades. Even 20 lbs less than I weighed in college. Along with the weight loss, Green85 has given my lots of energy and allowed me to improve my Racquetball game immensely. As an added bonus, my skin has actually tightened – I would have expected loose skin or something after walking around with an added 40 lbs, sometimes up to 50 lbs. All of this with barely changing my diet other than a few extra salads for lunch. Thank you Tim for trailblazing and producing such excellent products.

  34. Scott BAUMER (verified owner)

    I have added this Green 85 to my daily routine and combined with a couple other products from CF have seen a tremendous improvement in my digestive health.

  35. Rip Odebralski

    Wow! I’ve tried these”green powders” before, but none have effected me like this. Right off the bat with the first serving. Unbelievable energy, closest thing I can compare it to is my first week of bulletproof coffee. I waited for a couple of weeks to review, and so far there seems to be no lag in energy. Hope it helps with the weight loss. Very happy with this, I’ll be recommending to everyone. And it doesn’t taste bad either.

  36. James Warren

    I started taking the green 85 juice about a month ago and I feel better than I ever have. Totally worth the price it’s a must have for me now!!

  37. Rich Schlaack

    This product gives me the nutrition I was unable to get any other way. It is part of my daily routine and don’t see that changing. You will continue to order it.

  38. jason

    I started green85 once a day on 3/18/2020 at 273.6 lbs and since then I have lost 39 poundsand im at 234.6 lbs! constant energy throughout the day and made me cut down on eating throughout the day alot!! i used to eat so much sometimes that i would throw up from being so full… never again. I will continue to use this as long as he keeps making it! ive already recommended it too 3 of my freinds and one is already using it and the others want to start!

  39. Chris

    I’ve taken many greens prior to 85 Greens. Nothing compares or comes close to the quality, taste, and overall amazing health benefits of ingredients it has to offer. Tim has really manicured and done a great job on this product. I highly recommend m, you won’t be disappointed.

  40. Rod DeWeese (verified owner)

    I really like the Green85. For many years I have been a coffee drinker and I always looked forward to that cup of coffee in the morning, but now I look forward to my glass of Green 85 and I’ve given up coffee completely! And the gut detox is working well too. I no longer have the gas and bloating that I was always dealing with and I feel like I have more energy and the brain fog has lifted and I’m able to focus and think clearly. Another big thing is that I’m sleeping much better now. I used to wake up multiple times during the night and had trouble getting to sleep but now I fall asleep easily and sleep through the night without waking up, which is amazing. Beyond using the products, I have started drinking purified water, I make sure to slow down when I eat and chew my food completely and I don’t drink anything when I eat anymore. I have also been practicing the breathing exercise which helps to reduce my stress, and after everything that has happened this week, I’ve had a lot of stress. I’ve been doing the initial 15 days with the gut detox and I’m almost out, so I will need to reorder soon. I think I’d like to try the toxin detox also and I see you have a bundle with those two and the Green 85, so I will probably order that. Thanks for everything that you do.

  41. danset145

    Green 85 has been a gamechanger for me! I start everyday with it along with the a couple Gut Detox and Toxin Detox pills. My energy levels, alertness and feeling of well-being are like never before. I also have a second glass in the afternoon. And I love that the ingredients clean and natural not like those chemical laden ingredient lines found on many other powdered supplements. Fan for life! Thank you CFB team!

  42. Kole Spell (verified owner)

    Tim James is the man! Been taking Green 85 for a good month now and I feel amazing. I take a day off every week where I take no supplements and I can always tell a huge difference when I’m taking Green 85 vs. days when I don’t. Since I’ve started using it I’ve also started working out on top of the yoga that I was already doing every day and I’m seeing great results after just one month. Do yourself a favor and listen to Tim’s podcast, The Health Hero Show as well! It’s super informative and a great listen. What Tim is bringing the people is irreplaceable!

  43. James Harding (verified owner)

    This product is truly amazing! I actually got to speak with Tim, and I can say this man truly runs a great company. Not only is this product great, and continues to push me towards my health goals. This product truly allows you to build a foundation, and to continue towards that momentum with the other products and techniques Tim teaches. I will continue to buy this product and consume it, and continue to expand with other products. And knowledge.

    Thanks Tim!


  44. Natalia Haworth (verified owner)

    Hello, Tim!
    I would like to thank you for your products and your work. I’ve been listening to your podcast for about a year, and it’s changed my perception about health. I ordered “Green 85” and started to take it daily after a major (!!!) hair loss. In about 2 weeks I noticed great changes. My hair loss stopped completely after 1 month of taking your product. I also want to mention “Green 85” has very pleasant taste and smell compare to other green powders. It’s easy to take with water or add to smoothies and juices.
    I’ve already ordered new bundle “Green 85” and “Gut detox”. I’m super excited to try it and share my experience!

  45. Nick Craciun (verified owner)

    Best greens powder on the market, forget athletic greens and all that, this stuff WORKS and is of the highest quality, you’ll start feeling better very quickly!

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