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Lose Weight While Reducing Pain & Inflammation Effortlessly!
Burn Up To 600 Calories Per Session With The World’s Most Powerful Infrared Sauna Technology!

German Physicist Max Planck’s Law Has Been Broken By Taiwanese Scientists Making This Special Sauna 6-9 Times More Powerful Than Any Other Sauna On The Market Today!

Top Detox Expert Changes Sauna’s

“My knee pain from trail running is gone after 20 minutes in this sauna and so is my stress… everyone should have one of these in their home!”

~Tim James, founder Chemical Free Body

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More About Relax Infrared Sauna Benefits (Black Model)

The Black Sauna’s tent cover is made out of a thicker nylon than the Silver Sauna’s tent cover, and the silver threads inside the tent acts as a mirror and reflects a little bit better than the Silver Sauna’s silver threads.
Most who have experienced both find that the Black Sauna is a tad stronger.

The Black Relax Sauna is very attractive, and appeals to those who have the money, and want something that looks chic, or sharp. It is like artwork. The attractiveness of the black sauna makes a difference, just as particular paintings in a room can make a difference in terms of vitality and atmosphere.

If money is an issue, I recommend the Silver Relax Sauna. Although the Black Sauna may be about 5% stronger, that is very little when compared to how much more effective the Relax Silver Sauna is compared to other saunas in the marketplace. The Relax sauna generates up to 9 times more far infrared energy between 4-14 microns than any other portable or wooden infrared sauna.

For those who simply want to get a high-quality effective sauna where money is an issue, they will not be compromising their health one iota by getting the Silver Sauna instead of the Black Sauna.

This Is The Relax Far Infrared Sauna, The Most Advanced Personal Infrared Sauna On Earth.

Chemical Free Body is an official distributor of Relax Far Infrared Saunas in North America. We sell at the lowest advertised price so there is no need to search for a better price elsewhere. We guarantee you the best price on the Relax Infrared Saunas.

We offer fast FedEx shipping. You also get a 1 year warranty with your purchase but the sauna will last much longer, we know people who have been using their saunas for 20 years!

All saunas include a carrying bag and chair to sit on.

The dimensions of the portable sauna are:
Width= 2.6ft or 0.8m.
Length= 2.6ft or 0.8m.
Height= 3.8ft or 1.15m.

The manufacturer warranty for chair weight says 220 lbs (100 kg), but our experience
is that many who are up to 350 lbs have not had a problem.
We have put 350-435 lb people in the Sauna at conferences and have never have problem with the chair.
We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee which also covers the chair.

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Tim James Interviews The Owner Of
Relax Saunas On The Amazing Benefits Of
In-Home Infrared Sauna Technology

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The Compelling Benefits & Science That Make This Sauna A Must In Every Household!

“Give me the power to create fever and I will cure all disease”



Lowest price guarantee
No need to check for a lower price. We sell at the minimum advertised price for Relax Sauna products. If you see a lower price, let us know where and we will match.
Meet the People Who Got Incredible Results

Real Results from Our Satisfied Customers in 42 Countries


“Well any method of creating sweat and detoxification is great you know. I recommend this whether it’s hot yoga, steam, infrared, but after using the Relax Sauna I realized that I was able to achieve a sweat much more rapidly… that it utilized an incredible technology that I hadn’t found in any other sauna. I think all saunas are great, but my personal preference, at this point especially, when I travel, when I go somewhere is to take the Relax Sauna… oh and it’s portable, takes up very little space and it’s highly effective.”

— Dr. Akpinar, Author of the book “No Sweat – Know Sweat”

Yes, I Want My Sauna Now!

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