The Body Speaks, And Ignoring it Isn’t Going To Heal It.

Health Heroes! ‍♀️

The body speaks and Ignoring it isn’t going to heal it. ‍♀️

If something feels off (usually an association with pain of some sort) that is our bodies way of signaling to us.

It’s our job, our RESPONSIBILITY, to listen and answer its call.  

The more we give our body and mind what it is needing rather than what we’re conditioned to habitually want, we take back control over ourselves and our lives. 

Remember that wherever your attention goes grows and thrives.

If your want is to heal a part of your body or psyche, give it all of your attention. 

That attention is what heals. ☀️

That attention is god. ✨

To me that’s exactly what yoga represents.

Yoga taps me into my body in a way that no other form of exercise does.

It slows me down, it has me becoming intimate with parts of myself I never knew existed.

It heals.

Yoga heals. ‍♀️

Find out for yourself! Find a instructor that you enjoy. Someone who gets you to discover new parts of yourself. I promise, you don’t regret it..  


~Coach Wolf  



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