Toxic Free Tuesday! The Things You Don’t Think About.

Health Heroes! ??‍♀️

It’s Toxic Free Tuesday! ??‍♀️

Lately I’ve been building awareness around the things that are in our household, things we use everyday, that we may never think about being toxic and hazardous to our health… ?‍♀️

Like the sponges we use! ? 

Many everyday sponges are derived from polyurethane, a petroleum-based ingredient, in addition to other manmade materials. Essentially, conventional sponges are made from oil-based plastic.

Say whaaaaat? ?

But wait, it gets worse! Sponges promising antibacterial or odor-removing benefits are loaded with toxic chemicals including triclosan, an antimicrobial agent (and pesticide) that has been linked to cancer, developmental toxicity and skin irritation. This chemical has also made its way into 60 percent of American waterways, wreaking havoc on marine life. ???????

Also, Did you know that your kitchen sponge contains more bacteria than your toilet? ????

Here’s one of many solutions! ??‍♀️

Made from Plant-Based Renewable Resources:

• Scrubber Made from Walnut Shells

attached without glues, adhesives, toxins • quick drying to avoid bacteria



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