Vitality is our birthright anything other is only a symptom.

Health Heroes! ‍♀️


What does “waking up” look like for you?


Do you feel groggy? Like it’s difficult to open your eyes? Like you could lay back down and sleep for another 2 thousand years?


I think we’ve all had those mornings. Some more than others. 


Chances are you’re not getting a deep restful nights sleep. 


Do you remember what it feel likes to wake up feeling so completely rejuvenated and alive?


Do you relate that feeling back to when you were youthful? And now you think it’s impossible to feel that way because that was just a “young” thing and now you’re “older” and this is just the way things are? 


Wrong! ‍♀️


Vitality is the most natural state for us to experience, everything else is a symptom from your body telling you that something is out of alignment. 


Here are a few things that we suggest to all of our one on one clients: (these are good places to start while we investigate other areas that need some TLC and attention) 


  • Limit (or if you feel comfortable, eliminate) all stimulants.   
  • Don’t stare into screens in the late night hours, or if you do, use blue blocker glasses. (look under Tims recommended products list for link) 
  • Take a COLD shower. You may feel like this gives you energy but it actually relaxes your body, giving you a more restful sleep. 
  • Stop drinking liquids after 6pm. 
  • Use a Spoonk Mat for approx 20 min. (look under Tims recommended products for link)
  • Put Lavender Essential oil in a diffuser, on your feet and the back of your neck. 
  • If you work nights and have a hard time winding down, drink some kava root tea to relax your nervous system. (make it strong, don’t drink too much liquid, and do this as early as you can) 
  • Be consistent with your lay down/wake up time. Try to be in bed by 10pm. 
  • Don’t get “alarmed” set a soothing tune for you to wake up to. If you wake up startled then your body get started in a flight or flight response. Best to not do that if you can. 


Some people notice tremendous benefits from doing just 1-3 of the things I listed above. 


What are some things that help you get a deep restful nights sleep?

~Coach Wolf


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