"In our toxic modern world, I believe we must reduce stress, remove toxins and reintroduce nature to get back to our natural evolutionary path."

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Lose Weight, Transform your Health and take Your Fitness to the Next Level! Whatever your desired results are, we got your back!  Nourishing Your Body and Daily Detoxing with quality, ultra concentrated ingredients are key to take control of your health and fitness. When your body is clean & nourished, you won’t feel hungry all the time, you feel light, lean, and your energy and mental clarity increases! Yes it’s that simple and only takes one 1 minute a day.


YES! It’s That Simple, Only 1 Minute A Day!

The most concentrated multi-nutrient green juice is here… and you are about to experience the results!


Lindsay G.

"I've never had a "natural" detox & nutrition routine. Since starting my " Green 85" detox routine, I've noticed less bloating, a regular system and a positive sense of being. feeling cleaner, less heavy and more healthy!"

"I've been taking the "Green 85" and "Gut Detox" for about a month. I love it so far. I feel much better! I have more energy, more mental clarity, just amazing! I have lost 17 lbs. I also have been doing, 3 of the 4 core secrets which I personally can tell the difference just by doing them. Then I add the supplements and it's astronomical the difference that I feel!"

Dimitros A.
Mikaela V.

"I chose to try these greens to enhance my weight loss and healthy journey. I have been taking this product for over 2 years and since the beginning I noticed more energy, regularity, a decrease in appetite and cravings, and I have lost a SIGNIFICANT amount of weight and been able to maintain it. I would recommend this great product for absolutely everyone!"

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