"If you want to turn your life around, I highly suggest Tim James, you are not going to find anybody as qualified or better products anywhere."
- Pat Miletich ~ UFC World Champion


Stress Management
Habit Change
Confidence And Personal Power
Financial Wellness
Result Achievement
Overcoming Self-Sabotage
Strengthening Relationships
Increasing Productivity
Mastering Nutrition
Body Movement
Enhancing Health And Longevity
Optimal Weight Loss, Energy And Sleep




Robin Burgener

“I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer and I heard about Tim’s coaching program through a friend and how he helps people to naturally boost their immune system so I thought I would try it out. Since coaching with Tim and being on his Total Energy & Detox Bundle of products my energy has skyrocketed. I have lost over 45 pounds and all of my friends comment on how good I look. I have less pain in my body and I’m not getting colds and flu like everyone else. The scans from my last trip to the Mayo Clinic show that the cancer has left my lymph nodes and the main tumor is about 30% smaller. Tim has shown me so much and I have implemented everything pretty much that he has thrown at me. I have a completely new lifestyle now and I am confident that I can heal myself. Thank you Tim for your support and knowledge.”

“Being a mom to 3 young children I found myself super tired everyday since my last pregnancy and had also gained a little weight. I heard about Chemical Free Body’s coaching program and products from a friend so I decided to do the free health consultation. I was very impressed with Tim’s knowledge and after talking to him I believed this is just what I needed. It just made sense to me. I started following Tim’s advice and using their simple system and now my energy is fantastic everyday which means I can keep up with the kids even after 3pm where I used to crash and drink coffee just to stay awake. I was also concerned about the caffeine going into my breast milk and I no longer have to worry about that. I also lost the baby weight and feel great and can fit into my favorite clothes again! Highly recommend their products and the coaching… it worked really well for me.”

Stephanie Green
Josiah Wilfong
Josiah Wilfong

Tim is a great guy and has fantastic customer service. I had a minor medical scare last night, emailed Him, and he personally called me this morning for a free 45-minute conversation/consultation. He's very knowledgeable, has great products, and cares about helping people! I will be steering everyone I know to Tim James. I look forward to continuing my relationship with him, and getting a Chemical Free Body!

So easy - for your health and your life. I'd love to help you today!!! It has been life-changing for me. Thank You Tim James, for being such an AWESOME health coach. And thank you to my good friend Pat Miletich for telling me about this program. Again - Truly life-changing! I've lost 15 lbs, Anemia - GONE. I had Raynaud's Syndrome for 25 years - GONE. Energy level - spiked. Body inflammation - GONE. My body is alkaline now and not acidic (Cancer can't grow in an alkaline body) I could go on and on!

Sarah Dues Hauri
Sarah Dues Hauri
Kelbrun Kootnz

“I'm a 40 year old engineer and I hired Tim as a coach because I needed to make a serious change in my life. I needed to lose weight, get my energy back and discover how to eat healthier. After working with Tim I have had a complete 180 in my health. With the tools I have learned in coaching and the chemical free body products I was able to get my energy back, lose the weight and learn how to prepare and eat healthy meals. I highly recommend Tim’s coaching program and his products!”

“I am a 48 year old entrepreneur, wife and mother and I found myself completely fatigued and with anxiety so bad I couldn't even drive a car or leave the house. I would almost fall asleep by noon everyday and lived on coffee. I started listening to Tim's coaching advice and followed his simple system and got my energy back and much more. His guidance literally saved my life and now I tell everyone about Tim's coaching and his amazing real food products.”

Laura Moore
Pat Miletich

“Being a former UFC World Champion & Hall Of Famer now in my 50’s my body had begun to break down from all the punishment I endured in the octagon. A business associate of mine was taking the Chemical Free Body Products so I thought I would try them too. Then I discovered there was also coaching available. I jumped on that and very soon the tactics Tim shared with me along with his products completely transformed how I felt. Now my energy is way up and I am able to maintain my ideal weight, my pain and inflammation has reduced considerably and I am recovering much faster from his workouts. If you want a coach to help you with your health you're not going to find anyone better qualified than Tim James… I’d definitely stake my name on that.”

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